Lake Shafer and Lake Freeman are manmade reservoirs just north of the town of Monticello Indiana. Lake Shafer filled up in the early 1920s as the result of the building of the Norway Dam on the Wabash River. Three years later, in 1925, the Oakdale Dam diverted water from the Tippecanoe River to form Lake Freeman. Over the past 80-plus years, these twin oases have served as recreational hubs for citizens throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Today, Lake Shafer is slightly more built up than Lake Freeman. Lake Shafer provides an array of boating, water-sports, and amusement options for families. It’s a relatively shallow lake – perfect for wading and fishing.

Lake Freeman, on the other hand, is relatively quieter. It stretches across nearly 1,550 acres with a maximum depth of 40 ft. Its indigenous fish include Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass as well as Catfish and Crappie. Together, the Twin Lakes yield a tourist revenue of nearly $75 million annually.

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